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Submission method


Submission to the journal is now online on



1) Once a manuscript is accepted and all the corrections are made, an invoice for publication fee (local-RM400(MSAB members); RM600 (Non MSAB members); overseas-USD300) will be sent. Authors are requested to make the payment immediately. Colour printing charges will be billed separately during first proof approval. The cost depends on the number of pages and colours of the figures which can range from RM200-400 per page. Please note that no refund will be given if the authors decided to withdraw manuscript at this stage.

2) All accepted manuscripts must be corrected and submitted on first week of April and October for June and December issue respectively. Any manuscript that missed the deadline will be published in the next issue.


Common mistakes made by authors

  • No cover letter for new submission.
  • No author abbreviation.
  • Extensive use of commas and semicolons.
  • Very old references. Any reference more than 10 years old is considered old.
  • Missing references. References in text are not found in references list and vice versa.
  • Fuzzy map with no labels, i.e. direction and scale. Authors are not recommended to use sources from Google Map.
  • Vertical lines in tables not removed.
  • No abstract and section headings are allowed in Research Note/short communication.
  • Figures and tables should be in the same file as the manuscript but in separate pages.




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